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Thank you for your interest in Australian Breeding Livestock Exports Pty Ltd (ABL Exports)

Australian Breeding Livestock Exports Pty Ltd (ABL Exports) is a global exporter of high quality Australian live cattle sheep and goats from Australia. With long-standing international customer relationships across the world, the ABL Exports team has an enviable track record and the capacity to supply high quality livestock of any category to its international customers. Our services include the supply of dairy cattle, beef cattle for breeding, dairy and meat goats and sheep.

Our destination markets include but are not limited to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Taiwan, China and the Middle East.

Call us: +61 437 114 493


Australia is a major exporter of dairy cattle and goats to importing countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia,

Sheep and Goats

Australia has a national herd of approximately 70 million sheep and is the largest exporter of sheep and goat meat in the world.

Beef Breeds

ABL Exports can supply any of the beef cattle breeds that are present in Australia, of which there are many. Australia is a very large continent

ABL Exports supplies its livestock customers where required with additional services according to their needs. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Semen and embryos for cattle, and sheep

  • Chilled and frozen beef

  • Chilled and frozen lamb and mutton carcass

  • Hay, grain and other ration ingredients for ruminant feeding

  • Ear tags and animal handling equipment

  • Artificial breeding technical services.


Please contact us to discuss in further detail.

No enquiry is too big or small, so please contact us to assist you to purchase quality livestock from Australia.

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