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About Australian Breeding Livestock Exports

Our goal is to help our customers build productivity in their dairy and meat production projects by providing animals with high genetic value to improve the quality of their herds.

Our experienced team provide a personalized service and oversee the entire export process from selection to delivery in the importing country to ensure full customer satisfaction. Post arrival adaptation services area also available for our customers that require it.

Our key focuses are the following three areas

  • Animal welfare

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Value for money

We aim to partner with responsible importers who have the same values and emphasis on animal welfare that we have.

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In order to reduce the stress of a long journey to the destination country, ABL Exports tends to focus on the delivery of livestock by air, but where required by the customer, we have the capacity to deliver by sea also.

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With a long history in the live export industry, the ABL Exports team has a vast network of livestock supply of all types of livestock across the Australian continent. We are in regular contact with breeders and suppliers from the dairy, beef, sheep and goat industries, meaning that we can always offer good quality animals at the right price.

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We utilize the services of highly reputable quarantine premises and government approved veterinarians to carry out the importing country health requirements for the animals to guarantee that the process will be performed smoothly and professionally.


Australia is a major exporter of dairy cattle and goats to importing countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia,

Sheep and Goats

Australia has a national herd of approximately 70 million sheep and is the largest exporter of sheep and goat meat in the world.

Beef Breeds

ABL Exports can supply any of the beef cattle breeds that are present in Australia, of which there are many. Australia is a very large continent

No enquiry is too big or small, so please contact us to assist you to purchase quality livestock from Australia.

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