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Dairy Livestock Exports

Australia is a major exporter of dairy cattle and dairy goats to importing countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Middle East. We have excellent quality locally developed dairy genetics, but the industry also imports and utilizes the best genetics from USA and Europe. Our animals compare favorably on quality and price with animals from USA, Holland, Germany and other exporting countries. ABL Exports has built a reputation as a reliable Australian dairy livestock exporter over many years of successful partnerships with their customers.


Holstein Friesian are the most common dairy cattle in Australia, making up approximately 70% of our national dairy herd. they are a large- framed breed favoured for their high milk production values. Our importing customers find that Holstein Friesians are a preferred breed option if their farm has effective climate control and high quality nutritional management. Provided the environment is suitable for them, Holstein Friesians can produce in excess of 10,000L milk per 305 day lactation.


Jersey are the second most common dairy breed in Australia. They are a smaller framed animal, and therefore don’t produce the same amount of milk as a Holstein, however the milk they produce is very high in protein and butterfat and is therefore the best for manufactured products like cheeses, ghee and yoghurts. They are also very fertile and hardy and have good conversion of feed to milk.


The Jersey Friesian cross is a very popular dairy animal for tropical environments. It combines the good milk production potential of the Holstein breed with the fertility, adaptability and high protein and butter fat content of the Jersey. The majority of our customers in South East Asia prefer to import the Jersey Friesian cross from Australia. Because they are a mixed breed, their appearance can vary greatly from more Jersey to Friesian in stature, and the colours range from black, red, brown and white.

For dairy goat customers we usually recommend the Saanen. Saanen is the most popular dairy goat breed in Australia with most large-scale dairies using this breed more than any other. The Saanen is a large animal with the females reaching up to 100kg or more at maturity if well fed, and producing up to 950 litres of milk per lactation.

Other breeds we can supply from Australia include the Toggenburg, British Alpine and the Anglo Nubian.


ABL Exports has a very reliable supply network for dairy cattle throughout the biggest dairy regions of Australia, and is directly connected with the majority of larger dairy goat breeders, so please contact us for any enquiries.

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